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    Q. When is the curling season?
    A. The curling club is typically open from late-October through the end of March.

    Q. What time frame does my membership cover?
    A. Membership to the Blackhawk Curling Club is annual, and is renewed at the beginning of the curling season. Members are welcome to join mid-season, but league availability may be limited.

    Q. What equipment do I need to start curling?
    A. Starting off, a curling broom and delivery slider are needed. The club has this equipment available to borrow, if you do not have your own. Warm athletic clothing and either curling shoes or tennis shoes with clean soles are recommended.

    Q. When do I register for leagues?
    A. League registrations are sent out to club members in early October. Depending on the league, the schedule is made for the entire season, or scheduled across two “semesters”. Second semester league registrations are sent out in January.

    Q. If I’ve missed league registrations, am I still able to curl in leagues?
    A. There are multiple opportunities to curl outside of the league play. Members are eligible to curl in our Casual Saturday league, which is comprised of “pick-up” games with teams formed the night of the event. There is no need to sign up in advance for these nights. Members are also eligible to volunteer as subs for league games. Contact the league chair to request to be put on the sub list.

    Q. What other opportunities do I have to curl at the club?
    A. The club typically holds two inner-club (members only) bonspiels in the late February to early March time frame. The Guys and Dolls event is a mixed bonspiel, where members sign up individually and the bonspiel chair determines the teams. The All-American is a USWCA sponsored women’s bonspiel, where women sign up individually and the bonspiel chair determines the teams.

    Q. What volunteer efforts are needed at the club?
    A. The Blackhawk Curling Club is 100% volunteer run. Members can volunteer during our open houses and corporate events, chair or volunteer for one of our three invitational bonspiels, serve on the board, participate on the ice crew, chair a league, donate food, drink or raffle prizes for our many events, etc. Volunteer participation is not tracked or mandatory, but all help is greatly appreciated and you’ll find that club members are passionate about keeping the club running strong.

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